How To Not Use Your Friend As Your Agent

Dated: 02/27/2017

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Don't let the title of this blog post confuse you. Notice it is a "how" not a "why" and I would never advocate not using a friend as your agent. If you don't already know the Real Estate industry is based on referrals. We don't make money unless we get your referrals to help others buy or sell. But, the longer I am in this industry I have seen time and time again people not using their friends as their agent and people getting offended by it. So here is my advice to you all. If for whatever reason you choose not to use a friend follow these guidelines...

1. Be upfront with your friend. Maybe you have decided you don't want to do business with people you know. Or maybe you have used another agent in the past that you were happy with and want to use them again. Whatever the reason just be upfront with your friend and let them know in advance. Nothing is worse for an agent than driving past their friend's house and seeing another agent's sign in the yard and not even knowing your friend was planning on listing their home. AWKWARD! 

2. If you do decide to use someone other than your friend don't complain about your agent to them or ask them endless amounts of advice about your home. First of all, legally they can't help you.  If you have signed a contract with someone else your friend could legally get in trouble for giving you advice. Also, if you trust your friend enough to get their advice you should probably reconsider why you aren't using them as your agent.  Most people LOVE talking about their jobs, but then also assume that when the time comes you will use their services.

3. Just like anything else (doctors, hairdressers, dentists etc.)  most people know more than one agent. So you can't please everyone. So the best thing is just to keep the peace and be honest and upfront. Your friend is eventually going to somehow find out you didn't use them so it would be in your friendship's best interest to be the one to tell them.

Good Luck and Happy House Hunting!

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