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Dated: 05/20/2016

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One of the best ways to make the most of your property is to do something about your yard. Yards are usually relegated to wasted space that people can only really use when they’re mowing the lawn or the occasional barbeque that requires they have to go sit out back on a slab of concrete with some uncomfortable plastic furniture. In reality, your yard could be something magnificent and something that you could really utilize, you just need a little creativity. Here are some great tips for you to really make your yard and outdoor space something to marvel at! 

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When it comes to patios, a lot of yards tend to have nothing more than a concrete pab. Not only are these not too attractive, but they’re completely impractical for use. It’s the equivalent of having a room with bare walls and little to no furniture. Make your patio slab something more. Use different stones, install planter boxes or planter pots, create gardens, or have lattice structures for climbing vines.  Make sure that your furniture is more than bargain and it will be something impressive. Whatever design you’re going for, just make sure that it has a theme to unify all of it. Take the time to plan it out just like you do any other space in your home.

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Daybeds and Hammocks

While most people think of tables and chairs, there are plenty of other pieces of furniture that you can utilize to make your outdoor living area relaxing and enjoyable. Daybeds and hammocks are leisurely pieces of furniture that will help you sit back and enjoy your yard as you customize it and make it more and more appealing to you. You want this to be a sanctuary that you can utilize for you own comfort

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Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire pits

Another great way for you to increase the comfort and the appeal of your backyard is to get some fire out there without it being attached to a grill. Fire pits are great for a warm and relaxing summer night and a fireplace will give you a place to really make things cozy and comforting. As you sit down next to a beautiful outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, you’ll find out that you made a great architectural decision for the perfect summer nights.

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A deck is a beautiful way to add living space to your property and give your yard more usability. Decks are easier and more affordable to install than other addition alternatives and they can actually increase the value of your home! There are so many options to accommodate any type of yard or terrain. Incorporate planters, pergolas, or water features to really turn your space into an inviting retreat.

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Outdoor Counters

Have you ever considered putting a bar outside for you to sit at and relax? Whether you’re looking to serve beverages or food for those that are looking to hang out in your perfect outdoor living space, this bar is could be the difference between walking in and out of doors to get your goodies. Not only is it convenient, it’s stylish and will help you enjoy your outdoor time a little more.

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Small Spaces

Whether you want your small yard to feel more spacious or you are embracing the cozy feel, you can have all the luxuries and amenities of a larger yard with a little planning. Patios, fire pits, and decks are great additions to any size yard, so don’t feel that it’s too small to enjoy.  

If you’re looking for a home with the perfect outdoor appearance for you and your home, we at Boise Premier Real Estate can help you find the perfect home. If you’re interested in finding a home that you can build the perfect outdoor living space or one that’s already set up for you, then contact us at Melissa@boisepremier.com and we’ll set you up with your very own agent to find that perfect home.


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