Why You Should Sell Your Home This Fall

Dated: 09/19/2017

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Did you know that Fall is the 2nd best time of year to sell your home? It's true! Families have returned from summer vacation, kids have gone back to school and the Holidays aren't yet upon us. People are happy and relaxed as the leaves begin to turn colors and the temperatures drop. 

I'm sure you have all heard that there is a shortage of inventory in the Treasure Valley right now, but it seems that in the Fall inventory is even more scarce. That can be an excellent thing for you as a seller. If there is less inventory buyers may have to be less picky which means you won't have to compete with all the upgrades and updates of the high volume of sellers in the Spring. Since kids are back in school it gives you as parents more time to get your home ready. It's much easier to keep your home looking clean and show ready when the kids are gone 6+ hours a day! Fall time can also bring about excellent staging opportunities. There is something nostalgic about Fall and the Holidays being just around the corner. The gorgeous Fall leaves can create some excellent curb appeal, lighting a fire in the fireplace can make your home feel cozy and warm and lets not forget all the yummy Fall smells that you can create in your home...pumpkin, caramel, cinnamon. YUM! The best thing about selling in the Fall though is that it usually is a speedier process. There are fewer transactions going on for lenders than in the Spring which means more time and attention to spend on you! If your lender can spend more time with you or your buyer that means that they will probably get things done quicker which equals money in your pocket faster! Who can complain about that? So, if you have been on the fence about selling now or in the Spring. Sell now! That way you can be ahead of the competition come Spring and enjoy the Holidays in your new home!Image title

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