What Are Some Advantages Of Downsizing

Dated: 02/10/2017

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Some homeowners are now realizing that bigger isn’t always better. There are several benefits that come with downsizing into a smaller home. Whether you decide to downsize because you now have an empty nest, relocation, or to save money or get out of debt, there are plenty of benefits to downsizing your home.

1. Save Money

The bigger space you have, the more things we buy to fill every square inch of it!  One of the great things of downsizing your home is the ability to stop wasting money on furniture, decor, and home items that are used to fill space rather than to fulfill your life. Downsizing into a smaller home will you help you prioritize your life, with only space for the things you need, with spend less on random purchases and only bring what is necessary in your life.

2. Make Money

As you prepare for the downsize you will find many things you have and don’t need.  As you find these items, sell them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Depending on how much stuff you have collected to fill all the spaces, you may make thousands of dollars selling things you don’t need anymore.  There is also a good chance your old “large home” will sell for more than your new “smaller home” will cost.

3. Lower Stress

Most homeowners can agree that having a larger home leads to greater stress and upkeep. Time slips away with all the cleaning, home maintenance, yard upkeep and can lead to a home that is stressful and costly. Downsizing your home can be the first step to a minimalizing and lowering the stress of day to day life. You will be surprised how reducing your daily to-do list and maintenance task will free up your time for leisure activities, spending time with your family and getting more rest. You just might end up loving your home instead of loathing it.

4. Save Energy

If you have ever lived in a large home you know one of the big downsides are the high energy costs. From heating and cooling a smaller space, to fewer electronics and the water savings, you will enjoy lower utility bills year round. A smaller home will also give you the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint.

5. More Traveling

You might not have thought of it before, but when you leave town it requires a lot of work and planning.  With the high cost associated with a larger home there are less funds for travel. Living smaller provides more free time and allows you to save more. If you decide to travel with these newly saved funds, it can be less of hassle when you need to leave your home for extended amounts of time, especially if you downsize to a townhome or condo. Consider opting for a smaller home that has less upkeep, look for homeowners association that maintain the grounds and amenities. This allows you to enjoy home when you’re home and it is less to plan and worry about when leaving for travel.

6. New Adventures

For many, downsizing their home can lead to a new chapter in life. Whether you are an empty-nester, newly widowed or just looking to change things up, downsizing can start a new beginning. With all this new free time and saved money you might just pick up a new hobby or restart and old one. From the things you could learn, to the places you can see and the people you may meet, a whole new part of life can begin.

7. You Can Splurge

With less space to fill, you can afford to spend a little more on the things you do need. Some people might think of a downsize to mean they are going to live a less fabulous life, think again! Splurge on a few things and/or higher a designer to get the most out of your new space. Your new home may be smaller but it can be fancier.

8. Debt Reduction

If you’re not just downsizing to enhance your life, you might consider downsizing to get back on track.  While it won’t be true for all homeowners, changing to a smaller living lifestyle can help keep you from over spending, over charging, and the over buying that you may be doing for your large home. A smaller home will help reduce your monthly bills and curb shopping because there isn’t enough space for unnecessary things! If you’re trying to save money, repair your credit and change your ways, consider downsizing your home. Your future self will thank you for it.

9. Earlier Retirement

If you make the right moves, you might find your fiscal independence a lot sooner in life. If you have reduced bills, a higher saving rate and reduced your spending habits, you may find that you can bring an early demise to ole’ 9 to 5 routine.  For more information on this subject, visit the Mr. Money Mustache blog.

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