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Dated: 03/25/2019

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If you live in the Boise area you are fully aware of our current housing boom, or as others refer; the "Californication." Whatever you choose to call it, we are experiencing an influx for people relocating to our beautiful valley and with this growth comes opportunity. If you've owned a home for 5+ years you likely have a substancial amount of equity. Reaching milestones in our lives we start discovering our home is no longer working for us. Its too big. Too small. Harder to maintain. Outdated. Etc. So we sell. As we enter into spring sellers hope for multiple-offer sittuations. But even in a hot market it takes more than just uploading pictures into the MLS to get people interested in your home. Not everyone has the ability, knowhow, or time to remodel before listing but there are a few easy things you can do to get buyers bidding fror your home;

1. Clean up landscaping. Renting a pressure washer is realitivly inexpensive and can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. A quick blast to the sidewalks and exterior will make it sparkle like new.  Bribe the neighbor kids to pull some weeds. Clean flower beds and a nice mow will turn heads. 

2. Make some easy repairs. Changing out some disclored outlet covers, switches, and even dated doorhandles will make a huge impression. If you've been meaning to replace that broken window do it before listing. We want buyers to picture themselves enjoying your home, not discussing little potential projects they need to do after moving in. 

3. Remove clutter. Selling a home is a great oppotunity to purge some unnessecary items. Team up with the family and take a nice load to a shelter or second hand store to donate. Potential buyers will appreciate being able to navigate thru your home with ease. 

4. De-personalize. This is a great one for everyone. Removing family portraits and valuables will provide you with an added sense of securtity as well as allow buyer to enjoy picturing themselves living in the home. De-personalizing also can include paiting the pink wall a nice neutral color. While you and the family love the added pop of color it can dsictract from other great features your house offers. 

5. A nice cleaning. This may seem overly obvious but a professional or deep cleaning goes a long way. Have a company come in or team up with the family and give the home a nice scrubbing. Remove any pet odors, stains and hair and use a nice calming air freshner. No one wants their nose to be overwhelmed with the scent of 'pina colada blast.' 

As a personal sidenote. Ask your listing agent if their services cover any of these aditional costs.

Hopefully these tips help you get top dollar for your home. 

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